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Forest Management

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing the state’s forest management in response to the tree mortality crisis in the Sierra Nevada.  The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported... [more]

Voter Participation

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing voter participation in California.  According to the California Secretary of State, more Californians – some 19 million – registered to vote in the ... [more]

Follow-Up Study Concerning Denti-Cal

The Little Hoover Commission is examining the Denti-Cal program as a follow up to the Commission’s report Fixing Denti-Cal (April 2016). That report found the state program, which cares for half the state’s children, fell disastrously short. Primary reasons for poor utilization rates were the lack of providers and dismal reimbursement rates. In response to the Commission’s findings California lawmakers ... [more]

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Implications

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing the impacts of artificial intelligence. While there is no singular definition, artificial intelligence encompasses a broad range of technologies that seek to approximate some aspect of human intelligence or behavior.  In a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, the vast majority of the 1,896 experts anticipated that robotics and artificial intelligence will “permeate wide segments of daily life ... [more]