Public Hearing on Forest Management
Thursday, April 27, 2017
State Capitol, Room 437
Sacramento, CA 95814

    This hearing will be recorded by Assembly TV and posted to the California Channel after the hearing.

    All written testimony submitted electronically is linked to the witnesses names below.

    Public Hearing: 9:30 a.m.

    Opening Remarks

    The Cost of Forest Neglect: The Counties’ Perspective

    1. Mike Albrecht, RPF, Project Coordinator, Tuolumne County Tree Mortality Task Force; President & Co-owner, Sierra Resource Management, Inc.
    2. Brittany Dyer, District Chief of Staff, Supervisor Tom Wheeler, District 5, County of Madera
    3. Eric Coyne, Deputy County Administrative Officer, Economic Development, Film & Tourism, County of Tulare

    The Impact of Unhealthy Forests on Water Supply and Quality

    1. David Eggerton, General Manager, Calaveras County Water District

    Insurance Availability and Affordability  

    1. Joel Laucher, Chief Deputy Commissioner, California Department of Insurance

BUSINESS MEETING & LUNCH – ROOM 125 (See below for agenda)

On the Front Lines: Utilities

  1. Jadwindar Singh, Director, Electric Compliance, Quality, and Vegetation Management, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

A View from the State’s Largest Private Forest Owner

  1. Cedric Twight, Manager, California Regulatory Affairs, Sierra Pacific Industries

Restoring the Ecosystem

  1. Susan Britting, Executive Director, Sierra Forest Legacy
  2. David Edelson, Sierra Nevada Project Director, The Nature Conservancy

Comments Submitted by Members of the Public


Thursday, April 27, 2017
State Capitol, Room 125
Sacramento, CA 95814

The Commission will consider agenda items I-VII at approximately 11:30 a.m.  (The precise time will vary depending upon the testimony of witnesses and will be determined at the discretion of the chair). If the Commission is unable to complete all agenda items by 12:30 pm, the business meeting may be reconvened in the State Capitol, Room 437 at 12:45 pm.  Members of the public will have an opportunity to make comments about Commission agenda items during the meeting.

I. Business Meeting Minutes from March 23, 2017

II. Kevin Hunting, Chief Deputy Director, Department of Fish & Wildlife – Update on resolution of the issue raised by Los Angeles County Department on Public Works at the February 23, 2017 public hearing

III. State Permitting – Draft Report for Discussion

IV. Special Districts – Next Steps & Agenda Building

V. Subcommittee Reports and Project Selection

VI. Implementation

VII. Reports from the California State Auditor’s Office