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Voter Participation

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing voter participation in California.  According to the California Secretary of State, more Californians – some 19 million – registered to vote in the ... [more]

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Implications

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing the impacts of artificial intelligence. While there is no singular definition, artificial intelligence encompasses a broad range of technologies that seek to... [more]

Voting Equipment Security

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing voting equipment security in California. During the course of its voter participation study, the Commission determined it wanted to learn more about how the state ensures that all Californians’ votes count, particularly in light of Department of Homeland Security reports that foreign operatives in 2016 had scanned the state’s data networks. In early 2018, California ... [more]

1991 Realignment: State Programs and Funding Shift to Counties

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing realigned responsibilities among state and local government programs. Beginning in 1991, lawmakers significantly altered the state-county relationship by transferring responsibilities for certain mental health, public health, indigent health and local block grant programs from the state to the counties. In return, counties received funding for these “realigned” programs through a half cent ... [more]