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Intimate Partner Violence: Getting the Money to Those on the Front L

More than a third of California women and a quarter of California men experience physical, psychological or sexual violence or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime.  Law ... [more]

Labor Trafficking

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing California state government’s role in identifying and combating labor trafficking and assisting victims/survivors of this type of crime. Human trafficking ... [more]

Factors Driving California Housing Costs

The Commission is reviewing the underlying causes of California’s high cost of housing, attempting to determine the driving factors behind rising costs and to identify whether those factors are market-driven, influenced by state policy, influenced by local policy, or by some other cause. Housing has long been more expensive in California than the rest of the country, but beginning in the 1980s, the divergence ... [more]

Long-Term Economic Impacts of COVID-19

The Little Hoover Commission is examining the long-term structural changes and challenges that the California economy will face over the next few years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Preliminary data and projections suggest that the pandemic will have a far deeper impact than any of the other three deep downturns to strike California in the past 30 years – the post-Cold War recession of the early 90s, the dot-com bust of the early... [more]