Business Meeting

Jul 06
Business Meeting
Noon, Long Beach City College, Liberal Arts Campus, 4901 East Carson Street, Building T, Room 1100, Long Beach, CA 90808
Business Meeting
  • Agenda

    Business Meeting
    Wednesday, July 6, 2022

    Long Beach City College, Liberal Arts Campus
    4901 East Carson Street
    Building T, Room 1100
    Long Beach, CA 90808
    15 Henry Street, Southampton, New York 11968

    1. Public Comment
    2. Business Meeting Minutes from June 23, 2022
    3. Implementation and Impact Activity
    4. Project and Meeting Schedule
      1. Update on Current Studies
      2. Update on Future Meeting Schedule
      3. Selection of Future Study Topics


  • Public Notice

    June 24, 2022

    For Additional Information Contact:
    Ethan Rarick, Executive Director
    (916) 445-0926

    Notice of Hearing and Business Meeting

    On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the Little Hoover Commission will conduct a public hearing beginning at 10:30 a.m. on organic waste recycling and a business meeting beginning at noon. Both the hearing and business meeting will be held in Building T, Room 1100, on the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College at 4901 East Carson Street in Long Beach, California and at 15 Henry Street in Southampton, New York. The hearing will also be accessible via Zoom.

    Members of the public can attend the hearing in person or listen to the hearing by joining online or by phone. Click the URL to join online: To join via phone, call toll free from the U.S. by dialing (888) 788-0099. The webinar ID is 970-9118-3515. The password is 594355. We highly recommend members of the public access the hearing through the Zoom app. Please visit the Zoom website for instructions on how to download the Zoom app onto a computer or smartphone.

    Public comments will be heard at the end of the public hearing and the start of the business meeting and will be limited to three minutes per speaker and to a total of 30 minutes. The events may be cancelled without notice. Witnesses may be taken out of order to accommodate speakers and to maintain a quorum. The hearing or business meeting may be cancelled without notice.

    If you need reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please contact the Little Hoover Commission at (916) 445-2125 or by Thursday, June 29, 2022.