Business Meeting – December 14, 2023


Business Meeting
Thursday, December 14, 2023

Join in person:
Coastal Hearing Room
CalEPA Headquarters Building
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

Join online or by phone via Zoom:
Webinar ID: 954 4162 1296
Passcode: 849862
Phone: (888) 788-0099

1. Public comment (3 minutes per speaker, limited to 30 minutes total)

2. Business meeting minutes from Sept. 28, 2023 meeting

3. Consideration of draft report on the implementation of the Master Plan on Aging

4. Consideration of draft report on the implementation of past Commission recommendations regarding intimate partner violence

5. Project and meeting schedule
a) Update on current studies
b) Future meeting schedule
c) Selection of future study topic

6. Implementation and impact report
a) Legislative outreach
b) Other outreach activities

7. Administrative update
a) Update on hiring of new Project Manager
b) Revising Commission’s Rules of Procedure
c) Update on website redesign