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Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Implications

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing the impacts of artificial intelligence. While there is no singular definition, artificial intelligence encompasses a broad range of technologies that seek to approximate some aspect of human intelligence or behavior.  In a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, the vast majority of the 1,896 experts anticipated that robotics and artificial intelligence will “permeate wide segments of daily life by 2025. ” The Commission’s artificial intelligence project will investigate the shape and speed of these changes in California and in society. Through its public process, the Commission intends to study the key challenges of artificial intelligence in California, its economic implications and how it can be used to solve societal ills. The Commission will review issues such as justice, equity, safety and privacy. The project will consider recent studies on workforce impacts, which could include both job creation and job displacement. Possible mitigations and worker protections will be discussed as will examples of efforts to plan and prepare for innovations and labor transformations.   In addition, the Commission will review how artificial intelligence can be used as a key tool to address social problems such as HIV prevention. Throughout its study, the Commission will consider the potential policy role of California state government in areas such as regulation, workforce development and retraining. If you would like more information regarding this study, please contact the Little Hoover Commission at littlehoover@lhc. ca. gov or at 916-445-2125. To be notified electronically of meetings, events or when the review is complete, please send a request to littlehoover@lhc. ca. gov.

Voting Equipment Security

The Little Hoover Commission is reviewing voting equipment security in California. During the course of its voter participation study, the Commission determined it wanted to learn more about how the state ensures that all Californians’ votes count, particularly in light of Department of Homeland Security reports that foreign operatives in 2016 had scanned the state’s data networks. In early 2018, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla pointed to aging voting systems as one of the gravest threats to election integrity.   Governor Brown has proposed in the 2018-2019 budget $134. 3 million to provide counties with about half of the funding they will need to pay for replacement of their voting equipment.   In addition, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 provides California with up to $34 million in Help America Vote Act Election Security Funds to update equipment and make security improvements.  In this study, the Little Hoover Commission will review voting equipment security in California to better understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of the current systems, the policies, processes and procedures around their use and plans to use available funding to update this equipment.   Additionally, the Commission will hear from security and elections experts about the implementation of best practices in California and opportunities to further improve voting equipment security. If you would like more information regarding this study, please contact Krystal Beckham at krystal. beckham@lhc. ca. gov or at 916-445-2125.  To be notified electronically of meetings, events, or when the review is complete, please send a request to littlehoover@lhc. ca. gov.