Little Hoover Commission to Study the California Environmental Quality Act

February 27, 2023

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Ethan Rarick, Executive Director
(916) 445-0926

The Little Hoover Commission – America’s only permanent, independent citizens commission working to improve state government – will hold a series of hearings this spring to examine the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Since its enaction in 1970, CEQA has been California’s premier piece of environmental legislation. The law requires public agencies and decision-makers to evaluate the environmental impact of a proposed project, determine if the project will have significant impacts on environmental quality, disclose those impacts to the public, and mitigate them to the degree feasible.

However, CEQA has long been at the center of controversy and debate.

In its hearings, the Commission will examine the controversy around CEQA, evaluate CEQA’s impact on housing, land use, and other issues, and explore the present state of the CEQA process.

The first of three hearings will be held in person on Thursday, March 16, with the option for remote participation. This hearing will focus on the debate over CEQA and give the Commission the opportunity to hear different perspectives on CEQA and on CEQA’s impact and effectiveness. The second and third hearings will be held virtually on April 13 and April 27. All three hearings will be accessible from the events page on our website: Additional information, including witness lists, will be released on a later date.

About the Little Hoover Commission
The Little Hoover Commission is America’s only permanent, independent citizens commission working to improve state government. A nonpartisan oversight agency created in 1962, the Commission includes 13 Commissioners appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders. The Commission’s mission is to investigate state operations and promote efficiency, economy and improved service.