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Retail Theft: A Data-Driven Response for California

Report #280, July 2024
The state should prioritize data collection and collaboration with research institutions as it seeks to understand and combat retail theft in the long term, the Little Hoover Commission concluded in a new report, 

CEQA: Targeted Reforms for California’s Core Environmental Law

Report #279, May 2024
The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) remains an essential tool to protect the state’s environment, but can be improved through targeted, limited reforms, the Little Hoover Commission concluded in a recent report. The new report,...

Implementation Review: California’s Response to Labor Trafficking

Report #278, February 2024
California’s need for a structured and coordinated response to labor trafficking has increased in recent years, the Little Hoover Commission concluded in a new report. The Commission released a follow-up report, Implementation Review:...

Implementation Review: Intimate Partner Violence

Report #277, December 2023
The Little Hoover Commission’s past recommendations on intimate partner violence have been at least partially implemented, but the state has ultimately fallen short in addressing the issue, the independent oversight agency concludes in a new report. The...

Master Plan for Aging Implementation

Report #276, January 2024
California’s rapidly aging population brings new challenges for the state, including housing, affordability, health care, long-term care, and social supports. The state has already made significant investments to begin to tackle these challenges...

Issue Brief: California’s Aging Population

Report #275, October 2023
California must reckon with a massive demographic shift in its population. The Little Hoover Commission explores this issue in its latest issue brief, California’s...

Reducing California’s Landfill Methane Emissions: SB 1383 Implementation

Report #274, June 2023
California is falling short in the fight against harmful landfill emissions, and should adjust its approach to meaningfully respond to a major contributor to climate change, the Little Hoover Commission urged in a new report. By enacting SB...

A System in Distress: Caring for Californians with Developmental Disabilities

Report #273, April 2023
California must take action to better serve children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the Little Hoover Commission said in a report issued today. In its new report, A System in Distress: Caring for Californians...

The Little Hoover Commission: Advocating for Change 2021-22

Report #272, January 2023
The Little Hoover Commission—California’s independent government watchdog—today released its traditional biennial report, summarizing its oversight activities during the past two years and highlighting top opportunities for government reform. As...

Equitable Economic Development Across California

Report #271, November 2022
California has an opportunity to catalyze more inclusive and sustainable regional economic growth. However, in order to have a meaningful impact on regional economies, the state must do more, including providing greater strategic clarity and prioritizing...