California Economy

Equitable Economic Development Across California

Report #271, November 2022
California has an opportunity to catalyze more inclusive and sustainable regional economic growth. However, in order to have a meaningful impact on regional economies, the state must do more, including providing greater strategic clarity and prioritizing...

Issue Brief: Using Data Tools to Compare Regional Economic Well-Being in California

Report #270, November 2022
In the spring of 2022, the Little Hoover Commission launched a study on equitable regional economic development, which focuses on California’s efforts to close regional disparities and promote greater prosperity across the state. This Issue Brief...

Issue Brief: Major State Programs That Can Support Regional Economic Development

Report #269, August 2022
California has allocated billions of dollars in one-time and continuing funding that could help advance regional development strategies, the Little Hoover Commission finds in its new

Issue Brief: Assessing the California Rebuilding Fund

Report #268, June 2022
The California Rebuilding Fund has issued almost 1,200 loans in 39 California counties to help small businesses recover and grow from the COVID-19 pandemic, yet implementation challenges remain for this innovative program, the Little Hoover Commission...

Issue Brief: California’s Use of Federal Pandemic Aid

Report #260, May 2021
Critical differences between the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan warrant consideration as the state determines how to allocate its anticipated $26 billion in federal pandemic-related relief, the Little Hoover Commission explains in its latest

Issue Brief: COVID’s Impact on California Housing

Report #258, April 2021
Thousands of renters, landlords, and homeowners across California – particularly those of color – are struggling to make their housing payments amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Little Hoover Commission explains in its latest Issue...

First Steps toward Recovery: Job Training and Reskilling

Report #257, February 2021
California’s job training system is a patchwork quilt that must be streamlined and better matched to employer needs in order to help workers displaced by the COVID pandemic, according to a new report from the state’s independent government watchdog. The...

First Steps toward Recovery: Saving Small Businesses

Report #254, December 2020
California has taken strong first steps toward helping small businesses survive the pandemic, but the state must do more, including an expanded loan program, deeper collaboration with the private sector, and additional emphasis on organizations that...

Borrowed Money: Opportunities for Stronger Bond Oversight

Report #236, February 2017
The Little Hoover Commission, in a report sent Tuesday to Governor Brown and the Legislature, called for more consistent oversight and greater transparency for public spending financed by state and local bonds. “Californians have been exceptionally...

Jobs for Californians: Strategies to Ease Occupational Licensing Barriers

Report #234, October 2016
The Little Hoover Commission in its report, Jobs for Californians: Strategies to Ease Occupational Licensing Barriers, sent Tuesday to Governor Brown and the Legislature, called for a comprehensive review of a state occupational licensing...