Government Operations

Reforming the Recall

Report #266, February 2022
California should adjust the signature requirement for recalling statewide office-holders and revise the recall election process to put the incumbent on the ballot against all challengers, urges the state’s independent government watchdog in its...

The Government of Tomorrow: Online Meetings

Report #261, June 2021
California can save taxpayer dollars and make state government more accessible and inclusive by allowing fully remote public meetings even after the pandemic ends, says the state’s independent government watchdog in its new report. In

California Election Infrastructure: Making a Good System Better

Report #259, April 2021
California’s elections are free, fair, and secure, but the state can do more to improve its election infrastructure, the state’s independent government watchdog recommends in a new report. In

Letter to Governor Brown and Legislature on Voter Participation in New Motor Voter Program

Report #244, October 2018
Serious implementation errors have put the New Motor Voter Program in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, despite adding thousands of Californians to the voter rolls. Government failures with the program may serve to shake, if not seriously undermine,...

Special Districts: Improving Oversight & Transparency

Report #239, August 2017
The Little Hoover Commission, in a report sent Wednesday to Governor Brown and the Legislature, recommended several measures to strengthen oversight of California’s 2,071 independent special districts.  The state should eliminate unnecessary hurdles...

Improving State Permitting for Local Climate Change Adaptation Projects

Report #238, June 2017
The Little Hoover Commission, in a letter report sent Friday to Governor Brown and the Legislature, calls for reducing unnecessary bureaucratic delays in state permitting of local government projects designed to improve California’s resiliency against...

Time and Again: Overtime in State Facilities

Report #231, April 2016
Last year, nursing staff working in state facilities clocked 3.75 million hours of overtime at a cost of $179 million, the Little Hoover Commission stated in a report released Tuesday calling for policymakers to cut that overtime use in half. The...

A Customer-Centric Upgrade For California Government

Report #229, October 2015
California state government must transform the way it does business, the Little Hoover Commission stated Thursday in a report recommending changes to upgrade and improve state government by sharply focusing on customer needs. The bipartisan...

Conversations For Workable Government

Report #227, June 2015
Millions of Californians live with consequences of poorly-informed government decisions due to laws that discourage elected and appointed officials from seeking their colleagues’ expertise outside public meetings, the Little Hoover Commission stated...

Better Regulation: Improving California’s Rulemaking Process

Report #209, October 2011
The Little Hoover Commission on Tuesday urged the Governor and the Legislature to make the state’s process for developing regulations more rigorous and consistent across agencies and to strengthen oversight to ensure that agencies have assessed the...