Public Safety, Law & Justice

Retail Theft: A Data-Driven Response for California

Report #280, July 2024
The state should prioritize data collection and collaboration with research institutions as it seeks to understand and combat retail theft in the long term, the Little Hoover Commission concluded in a new report, 

Implementation Review: California’s Response to Labor Trafficking

Report #278, February 2024
California’s need for a structured and coordinated response to labor trafficking has increased in recent years, the Little Hoover Commission concluded in a new report. The Commission released a follow-up report, Implementation Review:...

Implementation Review: Intimate Partner Violence

Report #277, December 2023
The Little Hoover Commission’s past recommendations on intimate partner violence have been at least partially implemented, but the state has ultimately fallen short in addressing the issue, the independent oversight agency concludes in a new report. The...

Law Enforcement Training: Identifying What Works for Officers and Communities

Report #265, November 2021
California spends millions of dollars on law enforcement training each year yet lawmakers do not mandate serious or thorough evaluation of how that training affects officer behavior on the job. Assessing and improving training for peace officers is...

Issue Brief: Comparing Law Enforcement Basic Training Academies

Report #264, November 2021
A fact sheet summarizing the Commission’s research on law enforcement training is available here.  California...

Issue Brief: California Law Enforcement Survey

Report #263, November 2021
An overwhelming majority of California peace officers say their training is superior to that in other states, but strong majorities also say California should monitor training outcomes, incorporate research, and adjust curricula accordingly, the Little...

Beyond the Crisis: A Long-Term Approach to Reduce, Prevent, and Recover from Intimate Partner Violence

Report #256, January 2021
Millions of Californians experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime, and California must do more to prevent this abhorrent abuse and help survivors, the state’s independent government watchdog recommends in a new report. In

Labor Trafficking: Strategies to Help Victims and Bring Traffickers to Justice

Report #252, October 2020
Each year thousands of Californians fall prey to human trafficking, including hundreds who are exploited for the value of their labor, and California must do more to help these survivors and to bring traffickers to justice, says the state’s independent...

Labor Trafficking: Strategies to Uncover this Hidden Crime

Report #251, September 2020
California must improve and expand efforts to identify labor trafficking, the state’s independent government watchdog recommends in a new report. In Labor...

Human Trafficking: Coordinating a California Response

Report #250, June 2020
California must better coordinate efforts to identify victims and help survivors of labor trafficking, California’s independent government watchdog urges in a new report. “Human...