Artificial Intelligence: A Roadmap for California



There is a global race underway by governments, large and small, to prepare for artificial intelligence technologies and applications. Where is California in that race? That is the central question the Commission sought to explore.

The Commission held one formal hearing in January 2018 and two advisory committee hearings in May and August 2018. The Commission heard testimony and received comments from industry experts, government officials, academics, business leaders, and other stakeholders.

The Commission researched and analyzed hundreds of articles and white papers on the development, use and trends of AI technology and applications. The Commission sought to understand the opportunities of artificial intelligence, namely, how AI applications and technology can be used for economic, social and environmental good. In addition, the Commission examined the potential risks involved in an AI world such as promoting bias, intruding upon privacy and displacing workers. In addition, the Commission considered the policy role of California state government in areas such as business, education and workforce development and retraining.