A Customer-Centric Upgrade For California Government



October 22, 2015

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Commission Issues a Blueprint to Put Customers First and Build Confidence in California Government

California state government must transform the way it does business, the Little Hoover Commission stated Thursday in a report recommending changes to upgrade and improve state government by sharply focusing on customer needs.

The bipartisan citizens Commission, in a new report, A Customer-Centric Upgrade For California Government, contends that by changing its organizational behavior to become more customer focused the state can dramatically change the nature of its interactions with Californians. The Commission concludes that by better meeting Californians’ expectations, the state can improve the public’s trust and confidence in government.

“Imagine if interacting with state government was as seamless and convenient as paying a bill online or ordering a cup of coffee from your phone,” said Pedro Nava, Chairman of the Little Hoover Commission. “Others in the public sector around the globe and in California are showing that this vision can quickly become a reality.”

British citizens can access most government services through one Web portal. Businesses can provide direct input to government on cutting red tape via a website, emails or on Twitter. In the U.S., the federal government is getting feedback on Yelp.

“But it’s more than technology,” Chairman Nava added. “It’s about government making its number one priority to reorient around its customers’ needs and expectations. That’s especially important for the most vulnerable with the least time to spare. The Commission is calling for California’s leaders to put Californians first.”

The Commission recommends the Governor and Legislature designate a state chief customer officer to drive the state’s customer-centric strategy. It also recommends the creation of a skilled, in-house digital services team to help departments deliver services that work for Californians. Finally, the Commission offers a blueprint for agencies and departments to immediately, and relentlessly, pursue a customer-centric orientation.

“We believe these groundbreaking recommendations, once implemented, will materially help Californians get the high quality services they are entitled to receive,” said Chairman Nava.

The Little Hoover Commission is an independent state agency charged with recommending ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs. The Commission’s recommendations are submitted to the Governor and the Legislature for their consideration and action. The report is available at www.lhc.ca.gov.