Letter to Governor Brown and the Legislature on Community Corrections


For this study, the Commission is reviewed the state’s corrections programs as part of its ongoing commitment to oversight. The Governor proposed a reorganization of corrections programs in 2005, creating the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation. The Commission reviewed that proposal and recommended moving forward with it. As part of that support, the Commission committed to monitoring the progress of the reorganization. Five years later, the Commission assessed the work toward the goals established in the reorganization plan and the department’s strategic plan, and will evaluate whether additional organizational changes could improve outcomes.

The Commission also continued its effort to guide policy-makers in improving public safety in California by assessing what will be required for a successful transition from state to local supervision for certain offenders.  Many of the Commission’s previous recommendations to shift supervision of youth, low-level offenders and parolees from state to community-based supervision are being actively discussed in the 2011-12 legislative session. As part of its corrections oversight study, the Commission reviewed the steps necessary that will lead to a successful transition in a broad sense as well as the tools and strategies required to improve offender re-entry from incarceration to the community.