Letter to Governor Brown and the Legislature on Community Corrections


September 27, 2011

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Commission Speaks Out on Corrections Realignment, Information Technology

The Little Hoover Commission has completed work on two ongoing projects. The Commission on Tuesday sent two letters to Governor Brown and the Legislature, one on the realignment of some state corrections operations to local governments, and another on the progress of the recently created California Technology Agency.

In its letter to the Governor and the Legislature on corrections, the Commission provides an update on its two decades of work on public safety issues. On October 1, 2011, California enters a new era of criminal justice policy as supervision for the majority of low-level felony offenders begins an historic shift from state to local control. This Commission and others have recommended expanding community corrections and alternative sanctions for low-level offenders for decades. In its letter, the Commission expresses concerns regarding adequate and reliable funding, state oversight and program integration at the local level.

In its letter on the progress of the California Technology Agency and major statewide information technology initiatives, the Commission recommends policy-makers protect and leverage California’s investment in technology projects by reinforcing support for the newly established agency. The Commission recommends that as the agency moves forward, it strengthen its communication with policy-makers, expand its pool of project managers, streamline the procurement and project life-cycle process and give managers more tools to use data to improve decision-making.

The letters to the Governor and the Legislature and documents from public hearings held as part of these two reviews, including agendas and written testimony submitted by witnesses, are available on the Commission’s Web site at www.lhc.ca.gov.