The Little Hoover Commission: Advocating for Change 2021-22

Report #272, January 2023


The Little Hoover Commission—California’s independent government watchdog—today released its traditional biennial report, summarizing its oversight activities during the past two years and highlighting top opportunities for government reform.

As outlined in The Little Hoover Commission: Advocating for Change 2021-22, the Commission released 16 reports or issue briefs during 2021-22. In its reports, the Commission calls on California to better facilitate equitable regional economic development, increase the development of and access to affordable housing, reform the recall system, strategically improve its approach to law enforcement training, improve children’s mental health care, permanently permit virtual government meetings, strengthen the state’s election infrastructure, and support workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and do more to prevent intimate partner violence and help survivors.

Taking advantage of modern technology and the flexibility to meet remotely granted to us by the Governor and the Legislature, our Commission met 37 times, far more than in any biennium in the past decade. In Summer 2022, the Commission also held meetings in Long Beach, Riverside, and Sacramento.

In 2021-22, the Commission made 66 recommendations for policy change, and supported 29 bills that would have implemented our proposals. The Commission spurred tangible reform: 12 Commission-supported bills were passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.

“We are proud of the role we play in implementing real change that positively impacts the lives of Californians,” said Commission Chair Pedro Nava. “We look forward to continuing to investigating and identify solutions to address the state’s most pressing problems and working with lawmakers to turn those ideas into reality.”

The report also includes Ideas for Change, a list of recommendations for government reform generated by the Commission through its work over the past several years.

“The Little Hoover Commission has served as an independent and bipartisan advocate for good government reform for over 60 years,” said Vice Chair Sean Varner. “We are honored to further this much-needed work to push to make California government better.”