A Review of the Governor’s Reorganization Plan to Consolidate Information Technology Functions

Report #196, March 2009


The Little Hoover Commission on Thursday recommended the Legislature allow the Governor’s Reorganization Plan to consolidate information technology functions under the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to go into effect.

The reorganization proposal expands the authority of the OCIO to include:

  • Infrastructure, by moving the Department of Technology Services into the OCIO.
  • Information security, by moving the information security functions of the Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection into the OCIO.
  • Procurement, by clarifying the roles of the OCIO and the Department of General Services.
  • Telecommunications, by moving the public-safety telecommunications unit of the Department of General Services into the OCIO.

By statute, the reorganization process calls for the governor to propose a plan, for the Little Hoover Commission to review and make an advisory recommendation regarding the plan and for the Legislature to either allow the reorganization to go into effect or to reject it by a majority vote in either house. Barring a resolution opposing the IT consolidation, the plan would take effect May 10.

The Commission developed its recommendation on testimony given at its February 25, 2009, public hearing and from past Commission studies that examined the governance of information technology. The Commission long has called for equipping the state chief information officer with the tools and resources necessary to enhance accountability for IT projects and improve government performance using technology.

“The reorganization plan is an evolutionary but not revolutionary step toward managing the state’s technology resources more efficiently. The plan adds coherency and accountability to the state’s technology decisions and investments,” Little Hoover Commission Chairman Daniel Hancock said.
The Little Hoover Commission is a bipartisan and independent state agency charged with recommending ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs. To obtain a copy of the Commission’s report on the Governor’s Reorganization Plan, contact the Commission or visit its Web site: www.lhc.ca.gov.

Proposed by: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Objective: Consolidate state information technology functions under the Office of the State Chief Information Officer.

Commission recommendation: Allow plan to take effect.

Legislative action: Plan went into effect.