Serving Students, Serving California: Updating the California Community Colleges to Meet Evolving Demands

Report #210, February 2012


In this report, the Commission urges the Governor and the Legislature to refocus the mission of the community colleges to align policies and resources around fostering student achievement in three core areas: basic skills education, career technical education and preparation for transfer to four-year universities. The Commission also calls for the state to consolidate responsibility and funding for California’s adult education programs within the community college system to maintain educational options for all levels of adult learners.

During its review, the Commission found that the state’s policies ration access because of an outdated funding mechanism that emphasizes enrollment and does not consider completion.

The Commission urged the state to give the Board of Governors and Chancellor more authority to set goals and to create incentives to drive student success in developing basic skills, career technical education, and transferring to four-year institutions.